A Study In Pink

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Friendship

Everyone needs that friend, a best friend; my husband also fits the bill, but one needs a best girlfriend. The one who gets you when no one else does. One who laughs at your jokes when the rest of the world scratches their heads. The one who you can call when you are upset, sad, happy, have good news, are frustrated, and simply need someone to help hide the body. I have a friend like that. I’m am so very lucky.

Really, we are a very unlikely candidates for being such good friends. There are 15 years separating our dates of birth. I am married, with grown children; she has never been married and has no children. She is a world traveler, a nomad at heart; I have lived in the same place most of my life. She is well schooled, multiple degrees; I never finished college. On paper we simply don’t work, but yet here we are.

We met online, yes, I know,  that sounds so cliche, but there it is, we met online. We are both scrapers and met in a scrapbooking forum. Right away we hit it off. We both have the quick wit that often leaves others shaking their heads. “The best insult is one where the other person doesn’t know they are even being insulted!” We fast became friends and chatted often.

About 8 months after I joined this group, a meet up of the gals in a particular area was arranged and I began to seriously look forward to meeting women in my area. Sadly, Adele lives elsewhere and I did not expect to see her there. But then she started making a lot of noise about her big big plans for the weekend, with her nephew. Something inside me said that she would be the one to just randomly show up! The day arrived and another gal and I showed up at the event, after an all day drive, and guess what? Adele was there! I think it was here that we began to be that duo, the pair that were always into a bit of trouble, inseparable.

We went along for months, then I was induced to Doctor Who. Look out, world the two biggest fans are the two of us! And we are so much like the Doctor and a couple of companions, that it’s just frightening. We exchange show quotes all the time because they are so appropriate to who we are and what we are doing!

It wasn’t long when we also realized that as much as we are Doctor and companion, we are very much Sherlock and John. She the genius, me the sidekick, I mean blogger. And so what better thing to do than to start a blog about our crazy antics and fun adventures we have, both together, and shared though technology because we just haven’t figured out where to steal a TARDIS.